Eain Hmun Khin
Hello everyone! I am from Myanmar .I am studying korean and English languages. I have difficulties in learning vocabularies.Do you know how to learn vocabularies efficiently ?
Oct 28, 2021 2:40 PM
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Hello 안녕하세요~ Nice to meet you 만나서 반가워요~ I m teaching students korean for level of the beginners to upper advanced. Everyone in here for learning korean want to study in a quick time and fluent more with private tutors. Please don't hesitate to messages to me asking about korean that you want to know. 부담갖지 말고 궁금한거 있으면 연락주세요. 매일 매일 즐거운 하루 보내시길 바랍니다🤗
Oct 29, 2021 2:42 PM
Hey there! I'd love to help you out with learning English. I'm an English mother tongue speaker and teacher! Have a look at my profile and we can discuss your needs! Have a great day ;)
Oct 28, 2021 6:54 PM
Reading is an efficient method of broadening your vocabulary. You can also listen to English podcasts or music and whenever you hear a word that you aren't familiar with , you can write it down and search the meaning and pronunciation. Happy Learning 😉
Oct 28, 2021 3:18 PM
I would encourage you to read. I learnt most of my English through reading. I would include newly learned words during my English conversations
Oct 28, 2021 3:05 PM
Hello!😊 My name is Terrelle and I am a Native English Speaker. I would love to help you learn English. Take a look at my profile and book a lesson with me. I hope to speak to you soon.
Oct 28, 2021 2:58 PM
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