A response to a issue if a nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college. It is common in many countries that middle school graduates should meet the requirement for studying national curriculum before entering college. It is also reality that national curriculum can be divergent and inclusive with both compulsory courses and selective courses. What’s more, school-based course and rural community course for students are not banned but usually encouraged by education department of government and specialists in academy all over the world.So college freshmen have taken the same national curriculum does not mean they are totally duplicates. Although strict limit for developing rural course, such as civil education in china (ethics and laws) may diminish critical thinking of even different opinions as teaching tends to closely follows a unified text book, it can definitely help every student build self identity as a national person, which is beneficial for a nation’s unity. Considering the college education, it is earlier for making college course arrangement based on the common acquired knowledge of freshmen. Actually, most students study hard for what they must by examined. Usually the same national course are prerequisite for national or authoritative standard test, where the grade gained is critical for college entrance and this institution is guarantee for fairness and accepted by the public at least in china. Without same pre-college curriculum and divergent subject teachers, freshmen who lack enough physics knowledge may take risk to study aerospace science and always struggle to avoid fail. It is not news that there are little students choose to learn physics actively and select it as examination subject in shanghai and zhejiang province some year. same National curriculum can help cultivate more freshmen ready for choosing a major in Stem fields, which are vital for a nation nowadays in internati
Oct 29, 2021 10:31 AM
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