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Hello! I'm mexican and now we'll have one of our favorite hollidays in my country, the day of the dead, or as we called in spanish "Día de muertos". I was putting my offering to my beloved ones, those family memebers that passed away. In my country there are different ways of celebration, but we have many things in common, for example, we use to put cempasúchitl flowers (mexican marigold or aztec marigold) in the altar, different kind of flowers, votive candles, the altar has different levels, each one has a meaning, etc. I will share with you mine 'cause it's our tradition to remember those who already passed away. I don't have a huge space or a big garden so I had to make my own on a hall table. I hope you guys like it! I'll share this with all my love. I'll be glad if you like to comment something about this. Thanks in advice and have a nice weekend.
Oct 30, 2021 2:24 AM
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I was read about the holiday in a story, It was in gouatimata.
Oct 30, 2021 2:51 AM
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