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Chinese Mandarin that local Chinese WON’T say08 Hello welcome back. Today let’s find something from your boring Chinese textbooks again. When you want to say: study, maybe you learned 学习xué xí already. And when you make sentences: I am studying Chinese, the textbook will tell you - 我在学习中 文wǒ zài xué xí zhōng wén. Actually, this sentence sounds a bit weird for local Chinese people. Local Chinese will not say that. Normally, if we want to say I am studying certain subject, to let others know what we are actually studying, we use 学xué istead of 学习xué xí. For example, I am studying Chinese/English, we say: 我在学中文wǒ zài xué zhōng wén or 我在学英文 wǒ zài xué yīng wén. However, when we use 学习xué xí, we usually do not carry any things or subjects, just say 我在学习wǒ zài xué xí - I am studying. video learning resources IG: ngchinesehk
Oct 31, 2021 2:09 AM
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