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Day of the Dead in Mexico Though I am from the United States, I have been living in Mexico now for ten years with my wife and kids who were all born here. Tomorrow we will celebrate the Day of the Dead. The Day of the Dead is an important holiday in which families gather at the gravestones of their ancestors and they give them offerings of the things which the ancestors liked to eat and drink when they were living, as well as relics that belonged to them, passed down over the ages. A typical offering will be decorated with yellow cempasuchitl flowers, which mark the way from Mictlán (the Aztec realm of the dead) to the land of the living. In addition, candied skulls, decorated in different colors, pan de muerto (sweetened hojaldra bread), candles of scented incense, fruits, vegetables, even different types of drinks from Coke to pulque (a local spirit) are offered. The centerpiece is a picture of the ancestor so that the ancestor can see the offerings left on his behalf. This day has become popularized in pop culture with the Disney movie "El Coco," which provides a very accurate representation of this festivity. The main song "Remember Me" from this movie is a call for the family members to remember their ancestors, to the point that the Japanese adaptation of this movie is called "Rimemba Mi" using katakana characters. Does your country have any similar festivals? Or any unique festivals that bring families together? Please write your commentaries below.
Nov 1, 2021 6:46 PM
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