Edson Guzman
How long do you practice the language you're are learning? I try to practice every day at least 30 min, I remember when I started learning english, I used to practice 1 hr or more, because everthing seemed to be new and I liked it, but now, I barely focus in a topics, and sometimes I feel like Im not learning as much as I used to be. So, for this reason I started posting, now, it's time to put all I have learnt in practice, and try to use what I just learnt. Quantity vs Quality, the more we practice a skill, the better we will be in that skill, I have heard we only need to practice 5 minutes to get good level, so doesn't matter the quantity but the quality, but if we balance quantity and quality we wil get better results. Have good one!
Nov 3, 2021 2:15 AM
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Hello Edson Guzman, We are a group of students and we have a 'English Club' every Saturday to practice spoken english. The club happens on Discord and if you are interested to join us send me your Discord-ID and I will send you an invite. It will be a pleasure have you together us! ;)
Nov 3, 2021 1:49 PM
Edson Guzman
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