Could You Please Correct It On December 1, 2020, I messaged Laura after a week. And she replied me it “Hi I am good I have good news I'm in Bangladesh now” I was totally shocked and happy to listen it. And I was curious to know how long has she been in Bangladesh and why didn't she tell me before? And also ask to her gave me her number. And then she said: “I got here on Sunday Sorry I didn't tell you. I didn't know if my trip would work out due to COVID :( Yes I have a phone number. Can you give me yours?” So, I gave my number. But I didn’t get any messages from her for a week. Then I was thinking that it was a joke and if she was in Bangladesh then she would message me or call me. But she didn’t do anything. So, I started to message her again online to ask how she was. After an hour suddenly I got a message on my Whatsaap from Laura. And We started to chat on whatsaap from 18th December. But I still not believing her she was in Bangladesh. So I thought I could ask something her that I made me clear was she really in Bangladesh or not. Then I got an idea. I started to ask about how did she shopping in Bangladesh and did she go alone to the shop. Afterwards she told me she got a kameez. And I was thinking that time it is a right time to make sure where she is now. So I ask her to show her kameez. And yup, she did it. Then I didn’t have any doubts about it. We started to text a lot. And one day I asked her was it possible to talk on the phone. On 31st December we began to talk on the phone. Her voice was soft and quiet during talking on the phone. I never felt that was our first day talking on the phone and it was kind of feeling that I knew her for a long time. Then couple of days I was thinking to meet with her because she was one of my good online friends and I might not have any chance to meet with her in person in future. So, asked her was she interested to meet in person and she said yes.
Mar 5, 2021 2:10 PM