Farhana Qureishi
▪ Often students are made to forgo their originality in order to obtain the highest marks, essentially by copying whatever the teachers or top students may be doing. Parents do not help by drawing comparisons between students and cultivating a rather contentious environment. A student feeling the necessity to overtake others might resort to unfair means. I, myself, passed my SSC last year and in the exam hall, I saw many of my peers tracing each other's answers as if that were normal. Even the invigilators were enabling the students saying, "Do whatever you want but stay quiet when I say the magistrate is coming." Staying at the top becomes schools' only purpose, rather than actually educating young minds. Such practises are stifling students' potential, which results in the demise of  their individuality and creativity. Educators, parents and guardians must stop prioritising excellent exam results above all else if we want to end this phenomena of students losing their originality.
Feb 15, 2022 2:50 PM