Twin Peaks: The Return and five stages of accepting the inevitable THIS TEXT IS SPOILER FREE, SO IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED TWIN PEAKS FEEL FREE TO READ THIS TEXT In September I had Covid, and the only symptom I had was fatigue. So I had to spend all my time in my bed. One day I got tired of watching Youtube videos and decided to watch the third season of Twin Peaks. Previously I had finished the second season and Fire walk with me, so I expected that the Return would have some similarities with them. I have never so wrong. The third season was hella different and it was in a way that I would have never expected. It was hard to watch. But I had Covid and was constantly so tired that I couldn't even get up from my bed to find another TV Show. So I had to watch the Return. It was inevitable and I had to accept that Twin Peaks. There were five stages of acceptence. The first one - denial. I denied everything. The plot, the new characters, the setting. I thought that everything was wrong with the new season. The the secing stage began - anger. I was angry at David Lynch. What had he done? He ruined one of me favorites shows! That was the way I thought. But I kept watching The third stage - Bargaining. I was okay with some parts of the show. I even began to enjoy it. But I still couldn't undertand the plot. So I went to Youtube and found a channel where two guys made a breakdown of each episode. It helped me a lot. And lead to the fourth stage. Depression. I begun to undertand what's going on (if you can undertand anything that was made by Lynch), but I couldn't agree with everything. I had an inner dialong about various plot twists and storylines and this lead to some kind of depression. But it ended. And the fifth stage began. Acceptance. I accepted The Return. With all it weirdness and crepyness. And I love it. It's a challanging Tv Show and I am happy that I finished this challange.
Dec 2, 2021 8:11 AM