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Hi! I‘m Elif. I want to improve my English. My English is B1/B2. Is there anyone here who could help me? I can help with german or turkish. :)
13 يناير 2021 19:11
Answers · 23
Hallo! I can help with English as I am a fluent English speaker and I need help with German😭😭
منذ 8 أيام
Hi I am learning Germany and can help you with English, I live in Munich but in working place we talk in English, but about Turkish, well I am C1 in it 😁
منذ 8 أيام
Hello Elif! 😍😃 I'm practising English cause I wanna go abroad for higher studies. So it's important for me to be fluent with it. We could talk about topic and share ideas about everything and I would love if you teach me German too. 😃 So, if you want we can practice. Let me know if you have the interest. 😊 Till then, take care. 💖
منذ 5 أيام
Hi I'm an English teacher here in italki and I study your native language so maybe we could help!
منذ 7 أيام
If you want we can practice together
منذ 7 أيام
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