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Hii everyone 😄 my name is Ilona and I live in Germany. I would like to improve my English skills. Right now my level is between B1 and B2. I can help you with German or Russian if you want 😊
Jan 13, 2021 10:32 PM
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Hello Ilona, I can suggest you my assistance in English practice in tandem for practice of German. Please send me a massage if you are interested.
7 days ago
Hi Ilona, I need to improve my English skills. If you want, we can talk.
8 days ago
Hey, Ilona! Please send me a message if you are still looking for someone. We are on the same level; I believe we can help each other.
8 days ago
Hey, I’d be happy to help, I am a fluent English speaker and I need help in German, 😭🙈
8 days ago
Hey! I have a C1 German test coming up soon and would love a language partner! Are you still interested? I’m American and can teach you English. :)
6 days ago
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