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Russian pronouns «всякий» (different), «каждый» (each), «любой» (any) - what's the difference? They are united by the meaning of the set. The differences are as follows: «Любой» (any) is necessarily randomly selected from the set; synonym - какой-нибудь. (Дай мне карандаш, любой; купи мне газету, любую - Give me a pencil, any; buy me a newspaper, any.). «Каждый» (each) is taken from a multitude of counted elements, in a row, without choice and without gaps; synonym - все. (Каждый студент филологического факультета изучает иностранный язык- Each student of the Faculty of Philology studies a foreign language.). «Всякий» (different) is an element of a multitude of qualitatively different objects and phenomena; synonym - разный. (На прилавке были разложены всякие товары. All sorts of goods were laid out on the counter.).
May 28, 2021 10:19 PM
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