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(Part II of my last post, please read my last post before reading this one) * If you don’t know very well how the grammar of your own language works, don’t expect that learning another’s language grammar to be an easy task. Try to think of a language as a different way of thinking and being, so, trying to understand the logic behind why something is being said the way it is said is a good way to learn the rule for it after. And, lastly, enjoy what you are doing. Try to go through your learning process more as it were a hobby rather than something tedious. Learn a language that passionates you first. Perhaps, Spanish is not the language you should be learning first, so you can come back after you have learned another language that you like more. Try to connect with people. There are 20 Spanish-speaking countries, 18 in North, Central, and South America, 1 in Europe, and 1 in Africa. Who knows if you may find very good friends or the love of your life in one of those countries? Speak with your heart because language learning isn’t always about logic but also about feelings, so, be open to other ways of perceiving life, to other cultures, beliefs, music, and so on. And, don’t forget to LOVE what you do, to love your own language, and to love the language you want to learn.
May 29, 2021 11:15 AM
Miguel Méndez
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