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Hello all! italki English teacher Stephen here. :D Over the next very days, I'm going to be sharing some key job interview tips that have helped many of my students get their dream jobs working abroad or in international companies. 1. Relax Remember that when you're stressed you can't think as clearly. So make sure to breath normally and be yourself! (act natural) Don't obsess over every word you say. 2. Don’t rush Take your time and go at a comfortable speed. If you make a mistake, don't focus on it. Finish your point and wait for the next question. Try to speak succinctly if the interview is short. 3. Don't be a Robot Don't try to answer every question with the "perfect answer". Answer each question directly, honestly, and genuinely. Try to change your tone of voice a little bit. Don't speak with a monotone voice. 4. Show some emotion If you really want the job, then show it! You don't have to fake a big smile. You can show you're excited by just saying: "I'm really excited for this opportunity!" If you think you're a great match for the job, then act confident and show them =)
Jun 4, 2021 12:18 AM
Stephen Rogers
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