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Hello everyone. This is Monday Tips For French #2. #MondayTipsForFrench K.I.S.S. So you decided to commit to learning French. Bravo! Now, you have to follow patterns in your practice. The most important one is Keep It Simple, Stupid. Learning work best if you keep it simple rather than complicated. Simplicity in your questions. Simplicity in your vocabulary. Simplicity in your grammar. Simplicity should be the key goal to your approach to French, and unnecessary convolutions should be avoided. Tu t'appelles comment? ⟶ (Je m'appelles) Susie, et toi? Tu es française, italienne, espagnole? ⟶ (Non,) je suis mexicaine. Je suis professeur. Je travaille à Toulouse. Et toi? ⟶ Je suis pharmacienne. Je travaille aussi à Toulouse. There's always a way to convey meaning with simplicity. Make several sentences instead of one with many clauses. Use every day vocabulary. Stick to a type of sentences you are familiar and confortable with. Increase difficulty incrementally. Use the comment section to ask questions and let's see if we can make the simpler. Regards, Amel
Jun 7, 2021 8:48 AM
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