Over than One Million Uygur People Are Held in China’s Concentration Camp China’s government aims to assimilate and even clean Uyghur ethnic, especially since 2016. Although they deny capturing, torturing, assimilating, and exploiting Uyghur men and women, recent satellites’ pictures show that the amount of lights at nights in a specific area of the Uyghur’s lands have been increasing significantly. They are suspicious that these buildings are concentration camps containing over one million Uygur people. At first, China’s government denied even the existence of these camps, but afterwards they claimed that these camps have been found in order to retrain and remold radical Islamic believers, and finally asserted that they have all been released completely; in contrast, according to recent research on satellite’s evidence accomplished by Rand NGO, the true story is different. The investigations figure out how Uyghur children were confined inside these concentration camps which are surrounded by high barbed wire fences. Researchers state that they have detected numerous camps located in the deserts of eastern Turkistan. It is said that Chines government establishes different methods to removing the Uyghur culture and identity: separating children from their parents and sending them to special assimilating kindergartens, sending women and men into divided camps to brainwash them, and forcing people into moving from their habitats. In fact, what is happening in eastern Turkestan is a clear example of ethnic cleaning and genocide. Few western countries reacted to this horrible attempt of China’s government. Unfortunately, because of economic relationships, most countries prefer neither denouncing nor suppressing them; likewise, media are reluctant to talk about it and give publicity to the reports. Suffering from political, economic connivance of the powers in the world, Uyghur people have being tortured, assimilated, and even killed systematically.
Jun 7, 2021 11:52 AM