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My name is Mohammad Hamid Zahid, I am a professional teacher of Pashto language And dari language if you want to learn the official language of Afghanistan please join me. محمد حامد زاهد یم د پښتو ژبي ښوونکی،که چیری غواړی د افغانستان رسمی ژبی پښتو او پارسی زده کړي نو ما سره یوځای شی.
Nov 27, 2021 5:57 AM
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the word "Peace" in Dari vs. the word "Peace" in Dari Hello, I'm a graphic designer and specialize in typography (words and letters as artistic pieces). my wife and i volunteer to help afghan refugees who have come to the U.S. I would like to create a graphic that shows the word "Peace" to give to them as a gift. my question is this: I currently have the word "Salam" in arabic in a very decorative calligraphy style. would a family who speaks Dari prefer to see the word in Dari or would they be able understand it even though it's an arabic word? also, would it, for some reason, not be appropriate to write the arabic word instead of the Dari word. we just met this family and would like to give them a gift that they would appreciate as they had to leave Afghanistan with only the clothes they could carry. the screenshot attached is what I've created so far. thank you! Michael
November 29, 2021