Olga Sapozhnikova
Would you correct this text for me, please? 365 days of writing prompts February 25 Cliche Cliches become cliches for a reason. Tell us about the last time a bird in the hand was worth two in the brush for you. There is a similar saying in Russia. A titmouse in hand is better than a pie in the sky. But I better love the words my friend has said to me several years ago 'A fear of losing is always more than a desire to gain'. So when I have to choose between something that exists or something better in the future, I move forward and forget about what I could lose. Of course, I don't succeed every time, but I can't remember a case when I regretted what I lost. #365daysofwriting #365daysofwritingprompts
Feb 26, 2021 3:34 PM