Madelyn BritishEng
Professional Teacher
Within English pronunciation, the “th” sound is prevalent wherever we look. Words like “the,” “that,” “those,” “they,” “there,” “their,” “them” and so on are found constantly in everyday English speech, so it’s essential that you can identify and say these words correctly. The “th” sound is all about tongue placement and breathing. Spending some time working on this is essential to helping you have a solid understanding of how the “th” sound is made with your tongue and teeth. 😛 Tongue Placement and Exhalation 1) Keep the tip of your tongue between your teeth 2) Remember that the /th/ sound is a gentle sound 3) Keep your tongue low Try practicing with these tricky tongue twisters keeping the above tips in mind: ◼ The first thing they think of is this ◼ Thirsty throats find things to drink ◼ Some things seem to find themselves ◼ My thumb is too thick to flick this Get in touch for more tips and tricks to master this important sound! 🙂
Nov 22, 2021 8:01 PM