Fernando Prestes
Feb 26, 2021 1:12 PM
Corrections · 3
Good job, Fernando. I was able to understand everything pretty easily on my first time listening to your recording. A few things that could be improved: ¨This photo was taken in Canada¨¨ (it sounded like one syllable was missing...I wasn´t sure if you said ¨This photo was take in Canada¨ or ¨This photo was taken Canada) ¨snow on the ground¨ will sound more natural than ¨snow on the floor.¨ ¨Floor¨ usually is used to talk about the floor inside a building. (We do occasionally talk about the ¨floor of the ocean¨ or ¨the floor of the forest¨, but those are usages are much less common). use ¨frozen¨ instead of ¨freezed¨ (One of our irregular verbs! ¨Freezed¨ does not exist in English) ¨there is some fog¨ instead of ¨there are some fog¨ (Fog is normally an uncountable noun and thus needs a singular verb). Your pacing was good and you sounded pretty comfortable. Well done, Fernando.
February 26, 2021
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