Rikka (立佳) Kamakura
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Creating a work of art is to polish your soul. Our soul is just a stone if nothing is done. As we grow older, sludge builds up and hardens on top of it. Art is a means of direct contact with the soul. And the creation is to polish the rough stones of the soul. Remove the asphalt that hardens your heart and polish it while suffering. The shavings are a work, but at first they are rugged and dirty, and I don't think they belong to me. However, if you continue to polish it, the rough stone will eventually appear and beautiful soul fragments will spill out. True art can only be expressed when the soul is polished. And a person with a refined soul will be able to know the true picture of everything, including human society and nature. Some people call creative activity "play" and downplay it. However, "play" cannot polish the soul. Since I was born as a person, I want to see my true soul, no matter how painful it may be. I want to see what I can see ahead of me, aiming for true art. I have lived by killing my passion for creative activities. It was as if I was on a ship wreck in the ocean at night when there were no moons or stars. I don't know where to go or what to aim for, just pray not to be drunk by the waves. By drawing pictures and writing poetry, I was finally able to realize my true intentions. Living with nature and loving animals. I should have had that wish since I was little, but I didn't realize it. Without facing art, I wouldn't have been able to find my true intentions. I draw pictures and write poems to know my soul. And I want to convey this to many people. 芸術作品を創作することは、魂を磨ことだ。 私たちの魂は、何もしなければただの石。 歳を重ねると、汚泥がその上に積もって固まる。 芸術は魂に直接触れる手段だ。 そして、創作は魂の原石を磨いてくことだ。 心を塗り固めるアスファルトを取り除き、苦しみながら磨いていく。 その削りかすが作品だが、初めは無骨で汚くて、自分のものとは思えない。 しかし、磨き続けていれば、いつしか原石は本当の姿を現し、美しい魂の欠片がこぼれ落ちる。 真の芸術は、魂が磨かれてこそ表現できる。 そして、磨き上げられた魂を持つ人は、人の社会も、自然も、あらゆるものの本当の姿を知ることができるのだろう。 ある人々は、創作活動を「遊び」と称して軽視する。 しかし「遊び」では魂は磨けない。 人として生まれてきたのだから、どれだけ苦しくても、自分の本当の魂をみてみたい。 真の芸術を目指した先に見えるものを見
Sep 19, 2021 11:23 AM
Rikka (立佳) Kamakura
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