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How to use “mí (ไหม)” in a yes-no question. Normally, this word utilises with v. to do and it is added at the end of the sentence. For example; Q1. Do you like to eat Thai food? [kun chôb kin oaa haan Thai mí] คุณชอบกินอาหารไทยไหม Q2. Did you understand? [kun kôu ji mí] คุณเข้าใจไหม The way to answer is repeating the verb of the question. A1. Yes = (I) like (it) [chôb] ชอบ No = (I) don’t like (it) [mî chôb] ไม่ชอบ A2. Yes = (I) understand [kôu ji] เข้าใจ No = (I) don’t understand [mî kôu ji] ไม่เข้าใจ Feel free to make a sentence using “mí” (ไหม) and I will have a look for you! Thank you for reading and participate! See you next time 🍁☀️ #Thai #Grammar #Question #CommunityTeacher #Teacher #italki
Nov 1, 2021 8:59 PM
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