Nirmani Konara
Today is flowing as usual as other days and today I talked with one of my friends in Russia. We were talking about many topics and today I had to end it very soon because of a problem. Today I woke up little earlier than other days because today I had to study many books. Our schools also going to reopen after 5 or 6 months of a vacation due to COVID-19. But already there are some schools that opened. And our classes reopening date didn't announce. So I and my friends are looking enthusiastically for the reopening date because we all couldn't see recently. As well our school teachers said that, we are having our exams after opening the schools. So that is why I'm studying books these days. Today my Maths class would be hold, but our teacher has put a message to our group by informing, we are not having the class today. But it is a sad news for me. because I really like to Maths and also today was the day that we are having our third term test paper in our class. So I'm writing this by taking the time of my Maths class. And after writing this I hope to do my usual studies with books.
Nov 2, 2021 11:30 AM
Nirmani Konara
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