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Rupinderjeet Singh
Covid has impacted on single person life here such as changing their working habit and parties with friends .In my opnion, person has increased a stress about this crises because this disease have been transfoeming from one person to another person .so,every one has scared about it. Firstly, people have lost their jobs due to covid and they have stuck at their all the time ,which is concerning thing .if they want to go out side ,they would feel more depressed and they don't want spend timeoutside.As a result,they all are getting fat that is worsing their health such as hypertension , diabeties.Also, gym has been closed due to covid and people don 't have a enough resouce to make fresh ,this problem put on risk as globaly. On the other hand ,some people are happy because those don't have time to spend their families and they are enjoying time at .besides,they are working from home to get money and they are doing a great job in this time . People have started a prayers ,which are beneficial for them to make steonger as mentally or emotionally.Moreover ,people have started a eating healthy diet because they have a sufficent time to cook at their home . So those things have put postive impact on people. Lastly,i believe that if we would have postive thinking ,we could be more fight easily with this problem and stress might be reduced among citizens.
Jan 24, 2021 6:16 AM
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Rupinderjeet Singh
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