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Hello! italki teacher Stephen here. Continuing my interviewing tips =D 8. Put yourself in the interviewer's shoes. What would you look for when hiring someone? What qualities would you want them to show they have? 9. Consider that the interviewer might be more nervous than you! Everyone, no matter how accomplished, gets nervous before an interview. What many don't realize is that often times the interviewer feels as awkward as the interviewee! We're all human after all, and when our job is to judge someone else, that can feel pretty uncomfortable :P 10. Remember that you’re interviewing them too. You don’t want to work for a bad boss, company, or work in an unhealthy atmosphere. You'll have some questions such as; What's it like to work here? Is this a healthy company? How does management treat employees? Salary, benefits?
Jun 7, 2021 11:56 PM
Stephen Rogers
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