Community Tutor
The first generation to take in consideration in the Baby boomer, this name refers to the period between 1946-1964, after the war and the economic depression where it was reported a large number of born. People who born in those years have experienced the most incredible moments like the first debuts of the Beatles and the fall of the Berlin wall. This generation claimed itself as wiser and more practical, it has a strong sense of humanity and empathic. The generation X, refers to the period that goes from 1965-1980, it is the generation of the first portable devices, of the cartoons and of the music pop videos. It is ambitious, self-sufficient, flexible and has a basic knowledge of computers. The generation Y or millennials, that includes the people who were born between 1980 and 2000. These people in contrast of the previous generation have a high knowledge of the use of the tech devices and are those who spend most of their time at home, they don’t have much hope and faith in the future, they’re disillusioned. The generation Z are the so called hyper-connected, they are born in 2000 were technologies were already part of our lives. They are constantly connected, and since their young age they already know hot to use a mobile phone. Most of them have multiple social media accounts and manage to handle the overloads of information online. They are also sensitive about social problems and the inclusivity matters. From my point of view, dividing generation is useful to understand how historical and political changes have affected our lives. The improvement of the society had huge effects on the present generations, but it has had negative effects too, from multiple perspectives. I think that this kind of categorization can be misleading and one might generalize in a wrong way. We are the results of education, society, politics and economics factors, and much more too.
Jun 9, 2021 2:28 PM