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Describe someone who you admire
Who is someone you admire? What are the qualities that this person has? Why do you admire him or her. Try to use as many descriptive words as you can when describing this person.
He is a net friend of mine! We go way back! To be more specific we know each other on the first name basis. At the beginning I perceived him as a mysterious guy and even a hooligan! But overtime I noticed that he is such a marvelous person who is someone I will never catch up with! Definitely I admire him very much! Cause he is a engineer and a jewelry dealer ! He is passionate about and proud of his job! Compared with me .I only have one job to support my family and it couldn’t help me to realize my ambitions .moreover he has the opportunity to travel everywhere in the world for business that could broad his horizon in deed. Maybe he could fly all over the world since he is a single that’s also I want to be but I cannot go back forever except moving forward! In addition to that he is a kind hearted considerate and the most optimistic person as he grew up with his grandmother.his partners died when he was a little child! I am sympathetic to his suffering and I am astonished by his hard working and outstanding achievements by himself! You know he is alone without parents and friends! Luckily he is a positive and laid-back person,he always want to build an orphanage to help others who need help!because he has the ability to help others! He characterizes by ambitions and warm heart! I admire him very much I wish I could be a person like him in the future!
Apr 22, 2021 2:17 AM
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