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Take a picture of something and describe it
Take a picture of something unique and interesting. Then try to use as many words as you can to describe the picture. Native speakers and italki Teachers can then correct your writing mistakes.
Please help me correct, thanks! Written Exercise 12-English Handwriting (英文书法) This is a picture of my English handwriting that I transcribed this afternoon. (这是一张我在今天下午抄写的英文书法的照片。) I admire those who have beautiful English handwriting. (我羡慕那些写得一手漂亮英文字的人). And I have been wanting to be one of them, so I started practicing mine by transcribing paragraphs from a documentary of BBC called South Pacific since August this year (我一直想要成为他们其中的一员,因此从今年八月份起,我开始以抄写BBC 的一个叫《南太平洋》纪录片中的段落章节的方式来练习我的英文书法。) As seen my English handwriting on the picture, is it easy to read? (从照片中看到我的英文书法,容易去看清楚吗?/容易去读吗?) What do you think of my English handwriting? (你觉得我的英文书法怎么样? /你对我的英文书法有什么想法?) Thank you for reading! And It would be great if any of you kindly help me to correct my mistakes above.
December 5, 2020
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