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Write about something good that happened today
Share some good news with everyone by practicing writing about the good things that happened to you today. Native speakers and italki Teachers can then correct your writing mistakes.
Today, many states expressed support and offered practical help with our trouble in Russia. The Czech Republic got many offers of help in case our ambassador in Russia will be expeled or if we need any assistance for Czech citizens due to paralysed embassy. Our "brothers" from Slovakia have expeled some of Russian diplomats too. At least, Russian minister of Foreign affairs stopped to speak to us like we were their colony or so... The American agents are responsible for our "attack against Russia". Like we were back in 1960-70s', indeed. I really hope it has ended up with almost unuseful embassies on both sides and we will go on in a while. It seemed like we were misbehaving child for Russia last Saturday. On the other hand those Russian agents stopped the Covid from spreading for a while ;), newspapers do not write about the virus at all. From "мелкие табаки" (myelkikye tabaki) with love :)
Apr 22, 2021 9:22 PM
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