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Recording yourself speaking about your last trip
Travelling can be exciting and fun. If you travel to another country you can practice a new language and learn about a new culture.
一个月前我跟朋友们去了一位好朋友的新家。她搬到了海边附近的家。吃的喝的都非常满意。 她准备了烤肉,大虾什么的。我们也是准备了庆祝搬家的礼物给她。只是她的家里养只狗。 很大的有长毛的那种。 哎哟,家里满地都是它的毛呀! 我一坐下我的衣服上就粘了很多狗毛。 聊天的时候这毛都我的嘴里吸进去让人觉得不舒服。 我又不怎么喜欢宠物,所以觉得难受。但不好说这些的,因为我的性格比较内向。没办法嘛,我就开始打扫她的家。 卧室,客厅,厨房都打扫得干干净净。然后才能安心坐下。回家后再想想觉得我很好笑。你们觉得呢? (有时间的话帮我看看有没有奇怪的地方。谢谢!)
September 15, 2020
My last trip pre covid 19 was from miami to india. My contract ended on 2nd February from miami port so I travelled from miami to india. It was my longest journey that I've ever travelled in my life. I didn't fly direct to india from miami it was via Doha, Qatar. The journey duration was approximately 20 hours. As I was coming home after nine months working abroad my mood was extremely happy and excited to see my family and friends without knowing what is going to happen next. I'm missing going on a trip so badly, now i don't know when can i go on trip. Hopping to travel again like we used to as soon as possible. Thanks so much for taking out the time to read my aweful writing. Please don't hesitate to correct it. I'd be very grateful if you could kind enough to modify errors. Thank you!
October 30, 2020
In our region decades ago, every village had a small river that surrounded the village, and there was only an entrance to the village, and the entrance was all located in the southern part of the village. I heard from the old people that the small river is dogged to protect the village. The small river was not too wide, it seemed only 5 to 10 meters. But at that time, there was a lot of water in the river and many reeds grew up in the river. Our village was a production team then, as a production content, the team raised fish in the river every year. When summer arrives, we could see fish eating the reed leaves and the Chu trees fruits (because there were many Chu trees on the river side) Sometimes in the early morning we could see a group of fish closing to the water surface and breathing with a big mouth. When the mid-autumn festival arrives, this is the fishing season. When adults go fishing in the river with nets, you could see many black carp and silver carp flying out of the water. That kind of scene was really shocking and it was the happiest moment for our children. But many years ago, the river had dried up and my village was not what it used to be. All that I said can’t be seen anymore.
December 10, 2020
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