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Create a short story to practice difference tenses
Use preterito imperfecto to set the context of your narrative and the indefinido one to describe the things that happened.
PLEASE, JUST CORRECT MY MISTAKES, I AM NOT LOOKING FOR FRIENDS OR LANGUAGE PARTNERS HERE. My life with Angela (My life through my computer perspective): Well, I am exhausted after a long day working, but here we go, this is what living with Angela looks like. Since the pandemic started I've been exploted. One thing was going to work every day with her, that was nice, but know this is appalling. She is in front of me almost the whole day, her excuse: She needs to finish her máster degree and get some money. Well, fair enough, I can understand that, but why does she finish getting distracted using Youtube or singing karaoke then? I am not getting any reward for those extra hours when doing nothing but procrastinating. Now, she is the most anxious human being I've ever come across. She is always putting horrible stickers on me that get nasty after playing with them while she is giving her Spanish lessons. And you will say that's understandable, but you will never believe what she did to me three months ago. While she was teaching she took off one of my keys "by mistake". Now people laugh at me when she borrows me and all she says is that the "ñ" key keeps working if you press on the hole. I like to receive attention, but now feel used.
Mar 10, 2021 8:49 PM
En un mundo muy lejos de aquí vive una niña con doce ojos y ocho brazos y por toda su vida siempre había soñado de visitar nuestra tierra. Por fin ella construió su propria nave de espacio, llego aquí and conoció su primera humana, Tommy. Tommy sabía que nadie en la tierra entendería por qué su nueva amiga tuvo tantos ojos y brazos o como ella fue muy inteligente y divertida. Él la ayudó escondir en su granjero mientras aprender sobre su proprio mundo, dónde todos son justos a otros especies de vidas. Despues unas semanas, Tommy aprendió mucho y había desarrollado mucho curiosidad acerca de su amiga y sabía que necesitaba irse con ella. Ahora la niña está en su mundo otra vez con su nuevo mejor amigo. Una amistad que nunca sería possible sin curiosidad y la habilidad para entender que nuestras diferencias es un regalo para compartir.
Mar 7, 2021 8:12 AM
Practice your learning language by audio/writing.