¿Quién es tu personaje de película o serie de televisión favorito?
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我很讨厌这种问题,因为非常非常难得解释为什么这本书是我的最喜欢的,不是那本,为什么这部电影是最佳的,不是那部。我一直看电影差不多三十年了,所以我的选择最喜欢的电影的原因很复杂,但是尽管这种小写的地方也不会包含太多,我还是会设法写完它们。我最喜欢的电影叫Raiders Of The Lost Ark。电影的主角叫Indiana Jones,一名美国考古学家,工作于一九三六年。在电影里Indy设法找到很久佚失的约柜(这种文翻译又什么意思?)。约柜是神经上的很重要的东西因为包含天主给人们的十诫。当古老犹太人战争的时候,他们用约柜克服敌人。因为约柜的力量很大,希特勒想要找到它,用它帮助纳粹党。Indy也盼盼它来防止纳粹党的力量成为更巨大。因为如果你从来没有看过这部想我就不会描述发生什么,我只是会推荐你去来看看它。这部电影不仅很扣人心弦的,它还有一个世界上最著名的主角之一。Indiana不是一个历险片的普通主角,常常弄乱情况,常常被敌人殴打,他也找到约柜之后常常失去它。可是我喜欢Indiana因为他不是一个超级,不总是选择最佳。他虽然错的很,但最后学到他必须做(或不做)来防止纳粹得到约柜。
December 28, 2021
I've been watching, or actually binge-watching some episodes of "Seinfeld" and I'm fascinated by Kramer's characteristics, and annoyed by the tone of George's voice. George is sensitive and very precise. It's something that really bothers the person himself rather than other people and not everyone can see and analyze what he's been going through. Although because of his childhood and parents, and plus his decisions and mindset, he's a little insecure and not confident enough about himself. He keeps bringing up his baldness but that's not it. I was thinking maybe he's got a highly sensitive personality, but his insecurity doesn't let me to make up my mind. I like how strong the characters are. Sometimes when I see Kramer's reactions, I wonder if the actor didn't go through any heart attack or something like that. He plays with so much power and energy. Kramer's hair is also a masterpiece. :D
April 17, 2021
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