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China has four famous ancient West Lakes, and Yingzhou West Lake is one. The other three are Hangzhou West Lake, Yangzhou West Lake and Huizhou West Lake. Yingzhou West Lake is divided into Southern Lake and Northern Lake by Fulin Road. After three years of reconstruction, the Southern Lake was reopened to the public on Labor Day. The South Lake covers an area of about 3 square kilometers. According to the impression I got this morning, the scenery mainly includes the following aspects. Of course, there are many small or large lakes in this area. Then some trees, grass, flowers, wood long chairs, stone or wood bridges and some pavilions. Fortunately, I have visited these four famous West Lakes. To be honest, Hangzhou West Lake is at the top one place due to its own beauty, background mountain shapes and the plenty of greenery around the lake. Huizhou West Lake and Yangzhou West Lake are also not bad, but the latter is located in a plain area. There are no mountains around, and it can't even actually be called a lake. It's just a section of a river branch. Among them, Yingzhou West Lake may be the least well-known one, but Ouyang Xiu and Su Shi, two great ancient writers, wrote many famous poems about the lake when they were satraps in Yingzhou. However, the newly built Yingzhou West Lake is still a good place for citizens to go sightseeing. Especially those Chinese roses on both sides of Yinghuai Avenue and those big tall lush roadside trees. The Chinese roses are fully blooming now, colorful and dense. I strongly recommend you go to experience their fabulous beauty.
May 2, 2021 9:29 AM
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