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Write song lyrics in the language you are learning
Share some lyrics from favorite song from the language you are learning. One of the best ways of learning a new language and connect to a new culture is through music!
I think I got to know this band by myself in 2009, when I was sad and alone.(a perfect moment to feel everything deeper) But someone I appreciate a lot showed me THE DIVINE COMEDY for the first time in 2006/7, The first time I heared this band I was like absolutely marvelled. I thought it was like classical but it was not classical. It was contemporary, it was incredible... the sound of all the stringed instruments and the wind instruments... they were almost an orchestra, or they better sound like music from movies: epic music. And the voice of Neil Hannon, he was like singing stories. He is like a storyteller but he sings the stories he shares in a dramatic and unique way..It is music to hear, to pay attention, not to dance, not to have it as background, it takes the stage, it takes you. I got totally seduced but this band, I found it like it was different from everthing I have ever heard before. I actually feel I am like Germans say, in the process of kennenlernen. Learning to know it. so here it is : THE DIVINE COMEDY // Today we fly Tonight we fly over the houses the streets and the trees. Over the dogs down below that will bark at our shadows as we float by on the breeze. Tonighe we fly over the chimney tops skylights and slates looking into all our lives and wondering why happiness is so hard to find Over the doctor, over the soldier over the farmer, over the poacher, over the preacher over the gambler, over the teacher, over the rambler, over the writer, Over the lawyer, over the dancer, over the voyeur, over the builder and the destroyer, over the hills and far away. Tonight we fly over the mountains, the beach and the sea. Over the friends that we´ve known and those that we know now and those who we `ve yet to meet. And when we die, Oh, will we be that disappointed or sad If heaven doesn ´t exist what will we have missed this life is the best we`d ever had. fin
Oct 3, 2021 2:32 AM
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