Han Ssam 한쌤

Tutor da Comunidade
Chinês (Mandarim)
TPRS (Fun and easy method) with 4 years of experience
De Coreia do SulMora em Suweon, Coreia do Sul (19:28 UTC+08:00)
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Professor da italki desde 14 de Sep de 2021
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I bet I can make you say some Korean sentences and help you experience what it’s like to have a conversation in Korean in the first class. And I assure you that my teaching method will get you from zero to being able to talk about your day in Korean within 3 months. Hi, I am Han Ssam. I have been teaching Korean for 4 years privately and on different platforms. (5000+ lessons). Previously I was in financial data, accounting, and international trading working for foreign companies. I am interested in various topics such as music, TV shows, books, history, and food. So, I use a variety of example sentences in my lessons from Kpop to Korean history and Korean foods.

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106 Revisões

Andreas 石
64 Coreano aulas
Escolha do professor
Great lesson as usual! Mr Han always gives me a lot of examples and make me practice a lot! Thank you so much for always being very patient!
4 de Jun de 2023
61 Coreano aulas
Escolha do professor
To be truly honest he is the only teacher I continue taking lessons with him. The classes are very reliable and fun and the time is passing quickly. My Korean is improving day by day, even if it’s slow progress I feel more confident talking and making mistakes to learn from him. Thank you!
15 de Jan de 2023
12 Coreano aulas
Escolha do professor
I've tried 20+ iTalki teachers, but Han Ssam's passion for teaching and his resourcefulness remains UNPARALLELED! 在我试过的20多名老师中,Han老师绝对是准备最充分的老师之一。I always walk away with better comprehension and more motivation to improve my Korean after each class. He's dedicated about preparing a customized curriculum, extremely fun and patient, puts a lot of care in his teaching methodology, and simply very personable! Our classes always fly by and feel very stress-free, but learning a lot at the same time. Would highly highly recommend his classes :) 到现在总共上了10节课,每节课都让我感到有收获,而且更有动力继续努力学习。老师很有耐心,愿意课下帮我研究难题/找资料,性格也非常好,对语言教育非常适合。强力推荐 :) 항상 유익하고 재미있는 수업 진심으로 감사합니다! 선생님 덕분에 한국어 실력이 많이 늘고 외국어 공부에 대한 관심도 많아졌어요 (이미 많은데 더 많은 동기부여를 받았어요^^). 그 동안 정말 즐겁고 계속 노력하겠습니다!
8 de Dez de 2021
Dina 디나
12 Coreano aulas
I really appreciate how thorough and patient Han Ssam has been with assessing my level and figuring out a learning plan for our time together. He even makes adjustments as necessary and as a result, I feel like he's really on my team and supporting my learning journey.
28 de Nov de 2023
4 Coreano aulas
每一个语法老师都准备了非常多的材料来练习,通过重复听和说来自然的巩固语法,对我的发音也仔细的帮助我纠正。 Learned a lot as usual in this lesson. Han Sssam's lessons have a lot of structure and he provided a lot of learning materials to help me practice so that I can speak the language naturally. Recommend everyone to take his course!
1 de Nov de 2023
Andreas 石
64 Coreano aulas
Always thank you so much for being patient and keeps helping me!
28 de Out de 2023
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