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I'm happy to hear the news that students passed the JLPT. It's your turn next. Let's study with me
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I am a Japanese who grew up in Japan. I love reading. I know a lot of beautiful Japanese words. I'd like to teach them to foreigners. I also like traveling abroad. It's a great pleasure for me to learn about foreign countries. Studying foreign languages is fun. Now I'm studying Vietnamese. I go to movies at least once a month. I like flowers and taking photos of them. I sometimes post pictures of flowers on SNS. I like sports too. I play table tennis once or twice a week. 私は日本で育った日本人です。読書が大好きなので、美しい日本語をたくさん知っています。外国の方にも知ってほしいです。海外旅行も好きで、他の国を知ることは私にとって大きな喜びです。 外国語を学ぶのは楽しいです。今はベトナム語を勉強しています。 映画は少なくても月に一度は見ます。また花が好きなので、花の写真を撮ります。そして時々SNSに投稿します。スポーツも好きで、週に1,2度卓球をしています。

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Aula Experimental
113 aulas concluídas
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Free Conversation 日常会話
A2 -  B2

Prática de Conversação

332 aulas concluídas
USD 13.00+
Writing Lesson  作文練習
B1 -  B2


25 aulas concluídas
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Preparation for JLPT JLPT受験準備
A2 -  B2

Preparação para Teste

778 aulas concluídas
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Pacote com 5% de desconto
Lesson for beginners 初級クラス
A1 -  A2


306 aulas concluídas
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Pacote com 5% de desconto
10 lesson package for real beginners


107 aulas concluídas
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20 lesson package
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98 Revisões

Aluno Viktoriia Metelkina
Viktoriia Metelkina
20 Japonês aulas
Escolha do professor
I highly recommend Koizumi-sensei for learning Japanese. I have taken lessons to prepare for JLPT N1 less than 2 months before the exam, but despite this short time, Koizumi-sensei helped me to improve my knowledge of N1 vocabulary and reading text. She always has a lot of materials for JLPT tests and she does a review of the previous lesson so you can repeat and remember well all new words. Lessons with Koizumi-sensei helped me so much that I could successfully pass JLPT N1! Sensei is always encouraging and patient, positive and enthusiastic. Her lessons are always well-organized, engaging, and tailored to my learning needs. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn Japanese in effective and positive way. 先生、とてもお世話になりました。先生のおかげで日本語能力試験のN1レベルに合格しました。どうもありがとうございました!今は就職面接の準備が必要なので、レッスンを続けています。会話の練習がとても役に立っています。皆さん、どうぞ小泉先生の授業を疑いなく取ってください!
15 de mar de 2024
Aluno Mac Suzuki
Mac Suzuki
44 Japonês aulas
Escolha do professor
Koizumi sensei is truly a exceptional japanese teacher. I have been working with her for about two years and I just successfully passed the JLPT N2 exam (I passed the N3 exam with her help prior to that) in December. I passed both exams on my first try. If you are looking for a tutor to help pass the JLPT exams I would wholeheartedly recommend Koizumi sensei. I am glad that I did.
30 de jan de 2024
Aluno Summer Anderson
Summer Anderson
171 Japonês aulas
Escolha do professor
After a year of working with Mrs. Koizumi, I went from below N5 to successfully passing the N3 test level. She is a kind and understanding teacher, and she is always on time. Her corrections help you understand how to sound more natural, and she will answer any questions you have to help you understand. I cannot recommend her enough and greatly appreciate her help in getting me to this level. I am sure you will be pleased if you work with her or continue to work with her.
27 de jan de 2024
Aluno Barbara
2 Japonês aulas
I am just starting to learn Japanese, and I find Fusako-Sensei to be a fun and caring teacher. I am learning the hiragana script, and I find I can already read some words in Japanese!
16 de jul de 2024
Aluno Pat or Patsy
Pat or Patsy
6 Japonês aulas
Great teacher. My lesson: Japanese conversation on current topics. Had lots of great discussion. Thank you. Our conversation was delightful. Thank you!!
13 de jul de 2024
Aluno chanel
1 Japonês aula
Fusako was amazing! She was so helpful and recommended textbooks for learning Japanese. ありがとう ございます😁
12 de jul de 2024
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