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Hello, I’m Emmanuela, a French native speaker, I live in Paris in France since childhood and I was born in Cameroun. I have a degree in Foreign Languages : English and German. I love languages, travelling, discovering other cultures, singing gospel songs, reading the bible…

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French Conversation Practice Coaching
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French from the General to the Specific : French at School - Biblical French-French Gospel Songs (from kids to adults) - business French-
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Aluno Mimi
40 Francês aulas
Escolha do professor
Thanks to Emmanuela's skill, patience, and enthusiasm, I have improved my confidence *so much*. I especially love the way she can break down and explain any point of French usage and grammar! The notes she provides after class allow me to give my full focus to the lesson, instead of trying to write down everything. And after almost a year, all these notes have helped me to really see my progress.
22 de dez de 2023
Aluno Ryan
38 Francês aulas
Escolha do professor
Emmanuela has an exceptional talent for teaching languages and brings a lot of enthusiasm to our lessons. She offers me useful tips for avoiding common mistakes and practical methods to incorporate new grammar concepts and vocabulary. I leave each lesson with a clear understanding of how to improve-- and perhaps most important-- the encouragement to keep progressing with French!
15 de dez de 2023
Aluno Justin To
Justin To
2 Francês aulas
Escolha do professor
C’était super! Emmanuela was very professional, very calming, very patient. Let me practice without interrupting much, but then would bring up important learning points and vocabulary. Hopefully will have time to have more lessons with her!
25 de set de 2023
Aluno Julián Espinosa
Julián Espinosa
1 Francês aula
I needed conversational classes to prepare for a job interview, and the class was very helpful. She encouraged me to keep talking and find ways to improve my speaking skills. She also gave me great tips for the interview.
3 de jun de 2024
Aluno david yates
david yates
8 Francês aulas
Excellent lesson working on a talk in french
31 de mai de 2024
Aluno Lori Steele
Lori Steele
1 Francês aula
Our first lesson was wonderful! Emmanuela was patient and informative.
29 de mai de 2024
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