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Hi there and congrats if you made it through my cringe video:)😊 I'm an Italian native tutor with a university degree in Linguistics. That means that I'm not just a native speaker and that I have an in-depth knowledge about language patterns. What SETS me APART from other tutors? 1) I have pretty much a STANDARD ACCENT, so you will be able to acquire a neutral, polished accent. 2) PERFECTIONIST CLASSES. My classes are very precise and accurate. Unlike some teachers, I will always promptly correct your speech and pronunciation. 3) I'm a good conversationalist! 2) Having lived abroad for many years, my English is at a very high standard and that should enhance our communication.

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Aluno marianne
33 Italiano aulas
Escolha do professor
During my first lesson with Roberta I got the impression that she is a teacher with whom I can learn the Italian language not only to go on holiday but profound and seriously. Exactly, what I was looking for. The grammatical topics and the exercises are well chosen, her explanations are clear and to the point and the learning material she provides, is extremely helpful. During our conversation she encourages me to talk freely. She focuses on a nice flow, new vocabulary and on corrections regarding to the grammatical topics we've been working on. She is always prepared for our lesson, yet there is room for questions and topics, that I bring in spontaneously. She creates an atmosphere, which allows mistakes and in which corrections and feedbacks are encouraging. After only six months of taking lessons from Roberta, I am aware of the progress I already made, I am more self-confident when speaking and I'm absolutely satisfied with our lessons and with her as a teacher.
13 de jan de 2024
Aluno RyanBannon
27 Italiano aulas
Escolha do professor
Having Roberta as my Italian tutor has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Her deep knowledge of the Italian language is truly impressive, extending even to the most intricate queries I've posed. Beyond her expertise, Roberta's skill as a conversationalist adds a delightful dimension to our sessions. She manages to make each lesson feel less like a formal tutoring session and more like an interesting chat with a knowledgeable friend. Time spent learning with Roberta flies, testament to her engaging teaching style. Roberta has an exceptional knack for identifying and improving areas in my language skills that need refining. This attention to detail, coupled with her patient and supportive teaching approach, has been crucial in advancing my proficiency. The growth I've experienced under her guidance has been substantial and has given me confidence in my Italian abilities. As I continue to attempt to achieve fluency in Italian, it's clear the mark Roberta has left on my learning.
2 de jun de 2023
Aluno Lian
12 Italiano aulas
Escolha do professor
My favourite things about Roberta's lessons: * Focus on grammar and language structure * Self-study & Homework * Useful vocabulary * Error correction I love my lessons with Roberta! While other teachers focus more on casual conversation, Roberta combines the lessons with understanding grammar and correcting errors, which is super-valuable. I think it's hard to learn a new language as an adult without understanding the language rules and structure, and the way she builds the lessons makes me able to learn Italian much faster. She combines self-study and homework to make sure we utilize the lessons to the max, and it's really motivating. She writes down errors and corrections and presents her screen, so I can always understand clearly what my mistakes are, and she later sends them to me so I can review them again. Beyond all that, she's intelligent and fun to talk with on any subject, and you should really give her lessons a try :) Grazie!
28 de mai de 2023
Aluno Holly
1 Italiano aula
I am very excited about taking lessons with Roberta. During our first lesson she spent time figuring out my learning interests and language level so that she could tailor following lessons to my specific needs. She is very organized and very easy to talk to as well.
20 de jun de 2024
Aluno Olivia Accardo
Olivia Accardo
11 Italiano aulas
Roberta has been soooo extremely helpful the past couple of months. I tried to get in as many lessons as possible with her before a month long trip in Italy where I will be visiting my family who do not speak any English. I have found her lessons, and her weekly homework sooo insightful especially after 2 years of just "learning" Italian via apps on my phone. I am looking forward to getting back into it with her when I'm back from my trip! She's extremely encouraging and kind, and creates a space that feels very safe. I definitely struggle with confidence and feeling self conscious saying ANY Italian out loud and I really feel she pushed me over that hump. I feel way more confident speaking now than I did a few weeks ago. YAAY!
30 de mai de 2024
Aluno Don Hunter
Don Hunter
9 Italiano aulas
Roberta is a patient teacher with high standards - I feel I am making good progress with her.
25 de mai de 2024
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