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Your friendly Italian tutor on italki 👌 The half of @italia.espressa on instagram☀️
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Ciao a tutti! This is Serena, I'm Italian, from Rome to be precise. I started studying languages when I was eleven, that's why I speak fluent English, Spanish and Russian (с ощибками)). I have a degree in Languages and Cultures and I'm currently studying for a Masters in Modern Languages for International Communication. As you can understand from my CV, I LOVE LANGUAGES AND CULTURES and I have a lot of experience in learning. Moreover, in 2018, after finishing university, I took a gap year and somehow ended up in Russia, teaching foreign languages in a private school. I was only there for three months, but it helped me a lot to understand what it means to be a teacher!

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Aula Experimental
115 aulas concluídas
USD 7.00+
Conversazione + lettura (conversation + reading) (A1-C2)
A2 -  B1

Prática de Conversação

702 aulas concluídas
USD 16.00+
Pacote com 6% de desconto
A1 -  C2

Prática de Conversação

322 aulas concluídas
USD 11.00+
Pacote com 9% de desconto
Lingua e grammatica italiana (grammar + conversation) (A1-C2)
A2 -  C2


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38 Italiano aulas
Escolha do professor
Serena is an amazing teacher, she has so much patience for anyone trying to learn. All the lessons were very enjoyable, such a positive learning environment 👌
31 de Mai de 2023
Alejandra Monique
1 Italiano aula
Escolha do professor
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Serena is my favorite Italian tutor on iTalki thus far 💜 Just booked a series of lessons with her via my company’s account who sponsors my learning 🙏 and I can’t wait to take the next class with her 🎉 Warm, friendly and supportive 🤲 She has a way of giving you the feedback/corrections you need without throwing the conversation off its course or making you feel bad at all 🧘🏻‍♀️✨ Much appreciated!
18 de Mai de 2023
53 Italiano aulas
Escolha do professor
Serena is a very good teacher. She is pleasant, patient and interesting to talk to. As well as chatting about day-to-day things, she gives me an article to read or a video to watch beforehand, and we discuss it in the lesson. She corrects me and helps me out when I struggle to say something, and she writes everything down so I can refer back to it later. If I can't understand a phrase she can explain it to me in English. Lessons with Serena are very enjoyable and instructive.
15 de Jun de 2022
josi clark
14 Italiano aulas
Time flies when you have a lesson with Serena . The conversation is always so interesting and engaging. The notes are very useful and a good way to review the lesson and practice the new words . Grazie mile .
23 de Fev de 2024
50 Italiano aulas
i really enjoy my lessons with Serena.
21 de Fev de 2024
Stanley Cesena
2 Italiano aulas
Feeling very fortunate after completing my first lesson with Serena, I explained by goals and and objectives for learning the language is she immediately was able to conveys the right motivation and study plan while also focusing on our first activities in reading and listening. She transmits a patient approach and support toward my limitations in vocabulary and grammar, she maintained the right timing during class for conversation and feedback. Serena is the kind of teacher everyone wishes for. Looking forward to continue learning and benefit from her experienced professionalism.
21 de Fev de 2024
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