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Expert IELTS Speaking Coach with over 10 years teaching experience.
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Professor da italki desde 12 de Apr de 2022
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I am an easy-going chap with a big heart and an open mind. I have a passion for travel and have seen most of the world. I'm fascinated by where we came from, the current state of geopolitical affairs, and of course, where we are headed in the future. I love sports, playing musical instruments and above all, meeting new people.

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13 Inglês aulas
Escolha do professor
I really appreciate Simon's guidance during my preparation for IELTS!! He is a very considerate, responsible and professional teacher who can quickly point out my weakness and would listen to the record after the lesson to give me detailed feedback. He taught me many useful ways to expand my answer especially for part 3. Never feel afraid of losing words and lack of ideas any more! Apart from that, he is also very open-minded, willing to accept different ideas and I really enjoy the conversation with him:) (my original band score for speaking was only 6, but after 2 weeks' lesson I got a 7.5. I even couldn't believe my eyes when I see it...and my overall band score reached 8.0 !!!!!! really broke up with IELTS this time. god knows how excited I was...even wanted to put the result on my window for 3 days.0.0)all in all, thanks to Simon!! beeeeeeest IELTS expert ever!
10 de Dez de 2023
6 Inglês aulas
Escolha do professor
Simon is a great teacher, and with his help, I successfully got a 7 in speaking. He was really patient and gave me a lot of encouragement. His feedback was also useful and skillful, leading me to a better performance.
28 de Set de 2023
5 Inglês aulas
Escolha do professor
成功分手!雅思口语7.5! 家人们!无脑冲啊!宝藏宝藏! Simon真的很友好,很耐心。会指出你part1,part2,part3的每一个问题,给你积累很多很多的短语,俚语,反正一节课就是..能记满满一张纸。 总之要练习雅思口语,找Simon不会错!
26 de Jul de 2023
1 Inglês aula
5 de Fev de 2024
Owen Zhong
1 Inglês aula
Though Simon is not only professional and admirable in others' opinions, I don't think he is my ideal teacher who can help me reach my goal on the test which will be on 16th Feb. For one thing, he denied I can access to my ambition in a short time. Moreover, I had heard abundant criticism in the lesson. It is the first and the last time for me to have the italki speaking lesson with Simon, I hope the students who aims to enhance their speaking score in a short time need to think about whether you can accept too much unsatisfying from the teacher you used to be reliable to at the beginning of the class!
24 de Jan de 2024
11 Inglês aulas
It’s an excellent teacher that I would like to recommend to everyone! He is really patient and helps me overcome many challenges. (But it’s very difficult for me to praise him with English because I have so much I want to say) 我不是要半场开香槟但是,这个老师真的非常好!他会在你的答案基础上润色和修改,跟着你的思路来,而且他很喜欢夸人,对我脆弱的自尊心和脸皮都非常友好!要是口语没考到6.5是我烂泥巴扶不上墙🥺不是老师的问题!要是考到了我立马上蹿下跳回来继续写长评!谢谢simon老师!(可恶的英语没有敬语,我真的不知道怎么比较尊敬的称呼老师导致我连招呼都不知道怎么打)
23 de Jan de 2024
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