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Expert IELTS Speaking Coach with over 10 years teaching experience.
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I am an easy-going chap with a big heart and an open mind. I have a passion for travel and have seen most of the world. I'm fascinated by where we came from, the current state of geopolitical affairs, and of course, where we are headed in the future. I love sports, playing musical instruments and above all, meeting new people.

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Escolha do professor
I'm soooooothankful to Mr. Simon! Mr. Simon helped me improve my speaking band from 5.5 to 6 in just two weeks, allowing me to finally achieve my desired overall score! Words can't express how grateful I am. I had been stuck at 5.5 for many previous speaking tests, but it was Mr. Simon's help that helped me break through that barrier. He truly is an excellent IELTS teacher – patient, gentle, and professional. I started with making grammatical errors and stumbling over my sentences, but it was Mr. Simon who helped me build my confidence and encouraged me to speak up. The idioms he provided were also very useful. So, if you're like me, someone with a weak English foundation and afraid to speak, choosing Mr. Simon as your teacher is the right choice! 中国的友友们Simon真的很好!!!我考了三次雅思口语都卡在5.5,真的都绝望了。第三次出分又报了2周之后的考试,想着来上外教课试试吧我真没想到2周就能帮我突破5.5瓶颈拿到6🥹最后总分拿到了7,真的太太太感谢了。而且我真的究极无敌社恐,第一节课几乎全程捂着脸说完的,全程sorry,但是Simon一直在耐心的鼓励我,总之就是真的很好😭可以放心跟着学🤩
28 de Set de 2023
6 Inglês aulas
Escolha do professor
Simon is a great teacher, and with his help, I successfully got a 7 in speaking. He was really patient and gave me a lot of encouragement. His feedback was also useful and skillful, leading me to a better performance.
28 de Set de 2023
5 Inglês aulas
Escolha do professor
成功分手!雅思口语7.5! 家人们!无脑冲啊!宝藏宝藏! Simon真的很友好,很耐心。会指出你part1,part2,part3的每一个问题,给你积累很多很多的短语,俚语,反正一节课就是..能记满满一张纸。 总之要练习雅思口语,找Simon不会错!
26 de Jul de 2023
9 Inglês aulas
3 de Nov de 2023
11 Inglês aulas
Trust Simon! Really a superb teacher! I'm also super, super grateful to Simon! After half a month of lessons, my speaking score went up from 5 to 6.5! My first two IELTS speaking lessons were 5.5, and the third one was only 5. Then I started to take Simon's lessons, and he was really patient, encouraging me all the time and giving me a lot of confidence. He gave me a lot of slang and phrases in every lesson, and I could fill up a sheet of paper with them, which I think is really useful! During the lesson Simon will give you examples and will guide you patiently. Simon's guidance really helped me to go from not being able to speak at the beginning to being able to speak and say a lot of things. Unfortunately, I can't put a screenshot of my IELTS score, I really went from a 5 to a 6.5 in speaking and a 7 overall. I'm really, really thankful to Simon! Don't worry, everyone! Trust Simon! 相信西蒙!真的是一个超级棒的老师!我也超级超级感谢西蒙!上了半个月课后,我的口语从5分提到6.5!知道成绩的那一刻我也很惊喜!雅思口语前两次都是5.5,第三次甚至只有5,后来开始上西蒙的课,他真的超级耐心!
24 de Out de 2023
12 Inglês aulas
my first lesson felt really great and let me notice that my problem is more about “being natural” and some simple words can improve it(in the past I thought my major problem was vocabularies and phrases and kept reciting words。。。)looking forward to next lesson!
24 de Out de 2023
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