Silvia C.

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4 years and 1158 hours teaching experience on ITALKI - Funny, patient and Passionate
De ItáliaMora em Terni, Itália (05:50 UTC+01:00)
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Professor da italki desde 23 de Jan de 2019
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I am Silvia, a native Italian speaker with a passion for languages and cultures other than my own. I believe that I have found a method that allows you to improve your Italian language skills really quickly and in a fun way. Depending on your personal needs, your learning goals, your personal inclinations and the topics that are most stimulating for you, I will help you achieve your goals. I use a communicative-functional approach to improve your comprehension, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and communicative function. I love who ASK A LOT OF QUESTIONS MAKE LESSON PROPOSALS! YOU CAN PROPOSE A VIDEO, A TEXT TO READ, A TOPIC FOR DISCUSSION! I WILL BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO MAKE YOU SATISFIED!

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Aula Experimental
97 aulas concluídas
USD 6.00+
Parliamo! (Let's Talk!)
A2 -  C1

Prática de Conversação

1,072 aulas concluídas
USD 9.00+
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Impariamo (let's learn)
A2 -  C1


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Carol Lynn DiFelice
6 Italiano aulas
Escolha do professor
I really enjoyed Silvia's approach. Very calm, interactive and eliciting and she also had a clear direction for going forward. She is organized and attentive, and pleasant to interact with.
5 de Out de 2023
103 Italiano aulas
Escolha do professor
Silvia is one of the best teachers I have ever met. The lessons are very dynamic, interesting and she can explain everything I ask.
21 de Mar de 2021
Camila FAST fluency
6 Italiano aulas
Escolha do professor
SILVIA, NO ONE COULD POSSIBLY BE ANY MORE AMAZING THAN YOU. I always leave our conversations smiling, thank you SO MUCH for participating in this project that means A LOT TO ME. The link to our conversation on youtube: it will be available on the 31st!!! Thank you for correcting me and sharing thoughts :) Hope you have an amazing New Year's and if I don't see you this year anymore, I wish you all the best :)
26 de Dez de 2020
Victoria Penteado
35 Italiano aulas
Silvia è un'insegnante eccellente!!
5 de Dez de 2023
1 Italiano aula
La mia prima lezione di Silvia.È utile e amichevole!
3 de Dez de 2023
Jessica Luciano
1 Italiano aula
Silvia è molto simpatica ed è stato fantastico parlare con lei oggi. Mi ha dato correzioni ed è molto paziente. Grazie mille! :)
1 de Dez de 2023
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