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True fluency requires 7 essential elements. Do you know them? Click on my teacher profile or ask!
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Many claim to enjoy traveling and love languages, but I don't stop there: I also give you the tools, steps and tricks to learn Spanish, no matter your level or experience. There are 30 different reasons (backed by reviews) why over 199 Students choose me & trust me as their mentor. The list is not here due to length constraints, but please just message me and request it! I can't list here all the topics I love to discuss, but if you are curious ASK ME!

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Tom DiGati
48 Espanhol aulas
Escolha do professor
Carlos is a practical teacher who works with examples of your daily life to create an association between what you are learning and your native language. He both challenges and supports you through your learning session. I am learning a lot and having fun at the same time.
3 de Out de 2017
64 Espanhol aulas
Escolha do professor
Wow... 46 lessons! Carlos is an intelligent, interesting, and thoughtful conversation partner who is adept at describing complex ideas in multiple ways. This allows us to keep our conversations almost entirely in Spanish. We work off of a shared Google Doc during our sessions where he takes note of new vocabulary and drills me on grammar--these notes make a great study tool! He also make frequent use of screen sharing to give meaning to new or complex ideas. I have found our weekly sessions to be of great value, and I look forward to them every time. ¡Gracias, Carlos! ¡Nos vemos pronto!
15 de Fev de 2017
Heather Travar
18 Espanhol aulas
Escolha do professor
Carlos continues to build on previous lessons, making each lesson more difficult and using visual aids to help each point stick in your long term memory. When I first signed up, I expected to just talk to someone each lesson and learn a few things. But Carlos has exceeded my expectations, providing organized lessons that continually build on each other.
12 de Out de 2016
11 Espanhol aulas
Carlos is great! Would highly recommend
7 de Fev de 2024
3 Espanhol aulas
I appreciate Carlos' action plan and helpful class notes delivered via email along with video comprehension homework. This more structured learning seems like the best approach to moving past the plateau.
6 de Fev de 2024
4 Espanhol aulas
Excellent first lesson. great start.
27 de Jan de 2024
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