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Tea with Natalie

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Cambridge certified English and Russian teacher
De UcrâniaMora em London, Reino Unido (22:29 UTC+02:00)
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Professor da italki desde 17 de Aug de 2018
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"With languages you are at home anywhere" Welcome to my home, guys! Glad to see you in my profile!:) I'm Natalie, Certified Teacher of English (CELTA) and Russian (KNLU). After having travelled to almost all continents I understood that learning new languages and cultures is my passion. I am eager to learn, I enjoy overcoming challenges with an excellent ability to remain good-humoured and calm :) and I have a genuine 'can-do' attitude towards things which will make us an ideal team in language learning. So don't hesitate and let's get our first lesson started!

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Russian Speaking Practice (for at least INTERMEDIATE students)
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635 Revisões

Aluno Jack DeGiulio
Jack DeGiulio
1 Russo aula
Escolha do professor
Wow - what can I say? Natalie is a gifted teacher with a very well-organized approach. She is articulate, energetic, intelligent, and mixes in some humor along the way. The lesson is content-rich and she takes the time to dissect problem areas or challenges; providing clear explanations and solutions. One of the best 1-1 experiences I’ve had. She’s a rock star!
12 de jan de 2022
Aluno Freddie - Confidence
Freddie - Confidence
56 Russo aulas
Escolha do professor
I always come out of Natali's lessons feeling like progress has been made!! Her ability to guide the lessons and keep us on track whilst giving me the space and time to work things out for myself is perfect for me! I leave each lesson feeling more motivated and ready for the next challenge!!
5 de jan de 2022
Aluno Devivo Marta
Devivo Marta
50 Inglês aulas
Escolha do professor
Напишу отзыв по-русски ;) Наталия самый лучший учитель! Она делает занятия очень продуктивными и очень интересными. С моего слабенького английского (я только читала и слабо понимала, о себе говорила пару слов) за 3 месяца я начала говорить!!! Я разговорилась!!! Это самый лучший результат, о котором я не думала даже. Я настолько чувствую себя с ней комфортно, что кажется мы дружим всю жизнь! Никакого стресса, никаких переживаний, никакого прессинга. Никаких скучных книг и заданий. Материал очень хорошо запоминается и я им пользуюсь. Такого подхода не видела ни с одним преподавателем. Советую Наталию. Если есть еще свободные часы у нее, пробуйте!!! Результат с Наталией вы увидите очень быстро!!!
29 de mar de 2019
Aluno Anton
2 Inglês aulas
Natalie is awesome) thanks for the lesson. Looking forward to more)))
21 de mai de 2024
Aluno Higor Giuseppe
Higor Giuseppe
1 Inglês aula
Perfect ❤️
15 de abr de 2024
Aluno Kevin Rico
Kevin Rico
2 Inglês aulas
I rejoiced in my second class with Miss Natalie. she makes you feel comfortable through the class and pushes you to speak which is great. waiting for the next class.
29 de mar de 2024
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