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Hussein Mohmmad

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someone who achieved nearly a native level in English within one year.
De IraqueMora em Al-Amarah, Iraque (09:58 UTC+03:00)
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Professor da italki desde 4 de Jun de 2021
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Hi, I am Hussein, I am 25 years old, I am from Iraq, I have a diploma in petroleum production and field measurements and I am currently studying petroleum engineering, I work for an oil company in Iraq. I love learning new things, I am a very cheerful person, I like talking to people from different cultures and backgrounds, I believe that we learn more from our difference than what we have in common, I like sharing my thoughts and ideas and exchanging knowledge with other people. my hobbies fall into reading, art, and sports.

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Arabic Lesson. (FREE materials included, please check out the description)
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Arabic conversational practice (read the lesson description for more details)
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Árabe (Levantino)
Aluno Awaz
41 Árabe aulas
Escolha do professor
In about a week I've noticed a significant improvement in my arabic thanks to Hussein. He keeps every lesson enjoyable while also pushing me out of my comfort zone. After my trial lesson he knew immediately how he wanted to run the lessons in a way that would benefit me the most. During the lessons he is very patient with me the most. His method of teaching is effective because it is all applicable to real life scenarios and heavily based on conversation - which is exactly what I wanted. He is also very motivating and never fails to reassure me after every lesson. I am excited to see how much my arabic improves after a few months of lessons with Hussein :)
9 de fev de 2023
Aluno Darius Stulz
Darius Stulz
3 Árabe (padrão moderno) aulas
Escolha do professor
Exactly the teacher I was looking for! It's instantly clear that Hussein is a scientific thinker because he knows the facts about how you acquire a language in contrast to common misbelief. Learning like this is not only highly efficient; it's also fun because he is a great guy!
7 de jul de 2022
Aluno pamela
26 Árabe aulas
Escolha do professor
Hussein is knowledgable, enthusiastic and encouraging -- I highly recommend him! He's very patient and notices and corrects small things that make a big difference. He's helped me improve my accent and to speak Arabic naturally. My comprehension has improved and I'm learning to read. He provides helpful resources to use outside the lesson to continue practicing, learning and improving.
10 de jul de 2021
Aluno Brittany Worrall
Brittany Worrall
1 Árabe aula
I had my trial class Hussein. He is very thorough and explains everything in great detail. He is very organized, and gave a good overview of how future classes would progress. I look forward to future classes with him.
13 de jul de 2024
Aluno Pawel
1 Árabe aula
Hussein is very enthusiastic and patient -- he gave me a lot of advice and pointers. It was also a very useful lesson as he helped me ascertain my level and shared a few ideas as to how I can continue improving further. He also provided me with a lot of resources to use outside the lesson to practice and improve. I highly recommend him!
5 de jul de 2024
Aluno Christoph
3 Árabe (padrão moderno) aulas
I had an introductory meeting with Hussein today and the presentation of his Arabic language learning system seemed very well thought-through. It looks like he has a lot of experience and I'm looking forward to my first lesson.
29 de jun de 2024
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