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Professor da italki desde 9 de May de 2009
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Hello, everyone! I like teaching, talking, and making friends. My hobbies are cooking, sewing, reading books, gardening, traveling, and so on. My hobbies are varied! Because I'm brimming with curiosity. I like to challenge myself to new things. I was born in Fukuoka and now live in Oita. I love animals, especially cats!

Japonês Aulas

Aula Experimental
1,234 aulas concluídas
USD 10.00+
A: JLPT(日本語能力試験)・ ビジネス
A1 -  C2

Preparação para Teste

1,263 aulas concluídas
USD 16.00+
Pacote com 6% de desconto
B: 中上級者向け 会話中心・文法理解コース  Conversation for Intermediate level course or higher
B1 -  C2


1,451 aulas concluídas
USD 12.00+
Pacote com 5% de desconto
C: 初級者向け 文法確認 & 会話  For beginners/ Grammar confirmation & Conversation
A1 -  A2


3,187 aulas concluídas
USD 10.00+
Pacote com 5% de desconto
Group S  * Examinations ・Business course 試験・ビジネスコース
A1 -  C2


1,928 aulas concluídas
USD 10.00+
Pacote com 11% de desconto
Group S * conversational course 会話コース
A1 -  C2

Prática de Conversação

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USD 10.00+
Pacote com 6% de desconto


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Aluno Tabijah
285 Japonês aulas
Escolha do professor
I have only had 13 lessons with Annie先生, but I can say that she is by far one of the best teachers I've had for anything I've ever been taught. She does more than enough to challenge my understanding of the content studied during in and out of lessons and has always managed to make them very entertaining. I am more than happy to recommend her to anyone studying Japanese. I am delighted with the quality of her teaching and hope that she continues to tutor me as I continue to advance my Japanese studies.
3 de set de 2018
Aluno Michelle
11 Japonês aulas
Escolha do professor
The lesson with Annie today was great, it's always enjoyable for our son! He really enjoyed grammar with her and says he wants to keep focusing on it. :-) This is the 3rd lesson, so far we've been able to cover conversational Japanese, Math, Kanji, typing in Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji, grammar, etc. It's a lot for a kid his age, but he's trying very hard while balancing homework too. His end goal is to be able to understand and speak Japanese!
12 de mai de 2017
Aluno アンドルー
101 Japonês aulas
Escolha do professor
Thank you for being so flexible with us this week! Even though it was Golden Week, you kept working with us and were able to help us with material outside of the textbooks lesson plan! You're very kind, 先生, and we really appreciate all your hard work. Thank you so very much! \(^▽^)/
5 de mai de 2017
Aluno Adam Jones
Adam Jones
1 Japonês aula
18 de jul de 2024
Aluno Che-ri Cheong
Che-ri Cheong
4 Japonês aulas
During today's lesson, there was some problem with the application or connection, so during last 5-7 minutes, we could not have a class properly.
16 de jul de 2024
Aluno Kris
7 Japonês aulas
She is very helpful and patient. She used to teach English, so she is fluent and can explain in English when necessary.
14 de jul de 2024
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