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Vacation till June, 15th
De Federação RussaMora em Moscow, Federação Russa (17:48 UTC+03:00)
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Professor da italki desde 22 de Apr de 2021
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¡Hola a todos! Ciao a tutti! Hello everyone! Всем привет! My name is Svetlana, and I was born and raised in Moscow. Languages are my passion, and I will happily help you to learn Russian, my native language. I enjoy talking to people from different countries, learning about their cultures, and sharing my knowledge about the Russian language and culture with others. I realised that while studying languages myself, which encouraged me to quit my job as an economist and devote myself to studying and teaching languages. I’ve been teaching Russian online since 2018.

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Aula Experimental
28 aulas concluídas
USD 6.00+
Friendly conversation – speak without a barrier! (A2+)
A2 -  C2

Prática de Conversação

191 aulas concluídas
USD 8.50+
Pacote com 11% de desconto
Structured Russian lessons – for all levels / Conversational practice for zero beginners (CI)
A1 -  C2


116 aulas concluídas
USD 12.00+
Pacote com 8% de desconto
Conversation practice - topic on your choice (A1+)
A1 -  C2

Prática de Conversação

291 aulas concluídas
USD 9.00+
Pacote com 11% de desconto


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90 Revisões

Aluno rbg
13 Russo aulas
Escolha do professor
Excellent lesson with Svetlana. We used a method she recommended called CrossTalk where I spoke in Russian while she spoke in Spanish. It was great fun and with her help I improved both my Russian vocabulary and ease of speaking and my Spanish comprehension. Next time we will switch roles and I'm very much looking forward to working more with Svetlana on my Spanish and Russian. Recommend her highly for those learning Russian or Spanish.
18 de fev de 2024
Aluno Yvonne
31 Russo aulas
Escolha do professor
Me encantó hablar con Svetlana, es una profesora súper buena y fue una conversación entretenida. Poco a poco me fui soltando en Ruso porque me hizo sentir muy cómoda. Es paciente y una presencia tranquila. Voy corriendo a reservar más clases con ella ❤ Muchas gracias Svetlana
5 de jul de 2021
Aluno Raj
244 Russo aulas
Escolha do professor
My favourite italki lesson ever (and I have had many lessons over the past few months for four different languages)! Svetlana is a genuine polyglot, and her experience of learning languages is very useful if you're a language learner yourself. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone learning Russian!
30 de mai de 2021
Aluno Benjamin
49 Russo aulas
Большое спасибо за урок)
26 de dez de 2023
Aluno Michael McLatchie
Michael McLatchie
1 Russo aula
I came into my very first Russian lesson completely riddled with anxiety and worry about looking silly, Svetlana took a very friendly and calm approach when the lesson started, and helped me feel comfortable even when learning something completely new, She was encouraging and really made me laugh and smile at my mistakes, which left me feeling really excited for another lesson rather than embarrassed. If anyone reading this is concerned about being embarrassed or is nervous like I am, I recommend Svetlana without a shadow of a doubt, I believe she is capable of teaching every type of person in a way that makes it a joy to learn. So very excited to start my Russian learning journey with her!
10 de dez de 2023
Aluno Dee
20 Russo aulas
Learning with Svetalana is always a pleasure. She is patient, funny and explains very well with great practical examples!
29 de nov de 2023
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