Espanhol professor Pablo Corleto

Pablo Corleto

Professor Profissional
Certifed Spanish teacher and Historian. South American traveler & Tango buff.
De ArgentinaMora em Buenos Aires, Argentina (01:40 UTC-03:00)
Sobre mim
Professor da italki desde 6 de Jul de 2021
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Check the presentation video! English version min 1.10 Hola! My name is Pablo, i'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina, I’m a certified spanish teacher. I have been teaching online since 2018. I’m a Historian, with specialization in Latin American history. I like to meet people and share cultures. I like to travel a lot. I have travelled inside country and all around South America. Also on several occasions i went to Europe where i was teaching Tango. From 2015 to 2020 I managed an RB’nB' in Buenos Aires teaching Tango & Spanish to people from all over the world. I am also a Wing Chun Kung Fu master with more than twenty years of experience, and I have my own KF school here in Buenos Aires.

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Aula Experimental
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Spanish beginners A1 to intermediate B2 // Español principiantes A1 a intermedios B2.
A1 -  B2


1,001 aulas concluídas
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Pacote com 11% de desconto
Intermedios B1 y avanzados C2, Conversación fluida // Intermediate B1 and advanced C2, Fluent conversation (intermediate and advanced)
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Prática de Conversação

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HISTORIA ARGENTINA Y LATINOAMERICANA // Argentinean & Latin American History
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Small group class (2-4) CLASE GRUPAL
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140 Revisões

Aluno Seamus
33 Espanhol aulas
I've been taking lessons with Pablo for almost a year now and thanks to him my Spanish has gotten miles better, not only are his lessons flexible and engaging but he gives homework if you want it and sends videos/articles in Spanish that pertain to what you want to learn, which a lot of other teachers require extra money for. Cant recommend Pablo enough !
21 de mai de 2024
Aluno Jamie Walker
Jamie Walker
1 Espanhol aula
I had a great first lesson with Pablo! He listened well to what I want to learn, and provided me with resources in advance of our next lesson.
19 de mai de 2024
Aluno Jacob Scrivens
Jacob Scrivens
59 Espanhol aulas
This class is perfect for me as I am preparing for my DELE C1 exam this year. We had a good in-depth conversation on current events, encouraging me to develop new vocabulary. Pablo really enables me to raise my Spanish each class, discussing materials which he has sent me or doing a variety of activities from a book, online materials, etc. I really value these classes as they are essential for my exam preparation, but they would be good for any student wishing to learn Spanish or improve upon it in a fun and engaging way.
15 de mai de 2024
Aluno Joe
7 Espanhol aulas
Pablo is very engaged and does a good job mixing teaching some of the more formal things from the textbook but also the practical ways people communicate in everyday life. He also provides interesting information about Argentina and South America. I have enjoyed my lessons and plan on continuing.
12 de mai de 2024
Aluno Ed White
Ed White
28 Espanhol aulas
I've been a student of Pablo's for about 9 months now, and he has really helped my conversational Spanish. It's obvious that he really enjoys teaching. He is very patient and makes you feel comfortable even if your Spanish speaking skills are as rudimentary as mine are. He's a great conversationalist, and historian, so our conversations are always fun and interesting. I love learning about the culture of Argentina and comparing notes with him on similarities and differences between our cultures. I highly recommend Pablo, especially if you are a bit uncomfortable speaking Spanish. He will make you feel at ease and politely guide you when you make a mistake. I look forward to many more lessons with Pablo!
11 de mai de 2024
Aluno Adam
4 Espanhol aulas
Pablo is easy to talk to and always explains everything at a level that is suitable. The lessons are lots of fun as he explains cultural aspects along with the language. Looking forward to continuing my studies
8 de mai de 2024
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