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Hello! friendly and patient teacher with over a few years of teaching experience
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insta : @dowon_ch 🔥Do you want to speak REAL Korean like a native?🔥 ▪ When I read Korean textbooks and watch videos, I see some unnatural words and expressions that native speakers don’t use, especially in old books. ▪ The most important thing about learning Korean is to communicate with Koreans. So I want to teach you the REAL Korean that we actually use, how to speak naturally and how to pronounce accurately. ▪ If you want to learn REAL Korean, I’ll teach you step by step. Are you ready to have a natural conversation? Let's get started! Check out the information below👇

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Aula Experimental
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Conversation Practise(above Intermediate) [40m/55m]
A2 -  C2

Prática de Conversação

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USD 13.00+
Pacote com 10% de desconto
Customised one-to-one lesson(From Beginner to Advanced) [40m/55m]
A1 -  C2


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Weronika A.
27 Coreano aulas
Escolha do professor
Great teacher! Very patient and helpful, gladly answers every question. He's always well prepared and professional and also can make the time very enjoyable. Every lesson is fun and I feel really comfortable. I can't wait for the next lesson!
22 de Nov de 2022
10 Coreano aulas
Escolha do professor
Dowon 선생님 ✨ 오늘도 맨날 같아 정말 좋은 시간이었어요. 많은 한국어 표현을 즐겁게 가르쳐 주셔서, 많은 도움을 주셔서감사합니다~~! リラックスして、授業を受けることができます☺️
19 de Nov de 2022
145 Coreano aulas
Escolha do professor
Did TPR today with Dowon and it was amazing! We had a lot of fun and I retained a lot :))
2 de Mar de 2022
1 Coreano aula
Just had my first lesson with Dowon. I had so much fun. This is probably the first time I felt THIS comfortable speaking in Korean (My Korean is not good), but I felt very comfortable trying to speak it in his class. Dowon has a really chill vibe. Dowon corrected my sentences to make them sound better, or if I didn't know how to say something in Korean he taught me the vocabulary/grammar for it. We spent most of the lesson using Korean (he can explain things in English as well). I like that he uses pictures/google while he's teaching, so you can better understand what he's saying in Korean. I am a huge VISUAL LEARNER, so being able to have the images of things we were talking about as a reference really helped me retain what he was saying to me. He listened to what I wanted to get out of lessons with him, and is planning to tailor our lessons accordingly. I look forward to my next lesson with him. 오늘 수업 정말 감사합니다
23 de Set de 2023
9 Coreano aulas
I always enjoy my lessons with Dowon. Since starting online lessons my listening has improved a lot and I've picked up a lot of useful vocabulary and sentence structures. The conversations are always fun so I would definitely recommend him.
11 de Set de 2023
9 Coreano aulas
the teacher was super friendly and patient fie the beginner ! I ultra super recommend him absolutely!! 💯/10 감사합니다!!!!
8 de Set de 2023
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