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Hi! I’m Charlotte, an IELTS teacher here on Italki. Nice to meet you! :) Are you planning on taking the IELTS test, either soon or some time in the future? If so, I can help you!

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Aluno Anna
14 Inglês aulas
Escolha do professor
I'd like to summarize here my impression from 14 IELTS preparation lessons with Charlotte. I think that she is a terrific teacher who helps you to realize your strengths and weaknesses, encourages and challenges you to learn through difficulties. My weak area for the IELTS speaking part was fluency, so Charlotte identified and focused on this. Next, Charlotte is someone who uses both her head and heart in equal measure throughout lessons. Given that the stress and pressure of IETLS can be great and might lead to frustration, it was important for me to feel comfort, confidence and improvement during our lessons. Another positive trait of Charlotte's lessons is the methodology. Every our lesson was well-planned and covered one major topic plus several speaking and writing exercises. We discussed both the structure and the vocabulary for speaking and writing parts while polishing my grammar and pronunciation. I stayed engaged throughout the whole lesson but didn't feel exhausted at the end. There was a great balance of my talk time and Charlotte's explanations – I had a chance to practice and demonstrate what I'd learned and at the same time receiver a good portion of the feedback. Finally, she is positive, open-minded and easy to talk to. That's why I highly recommend her lessons ))
25 de out de 2019
Aluno Kseniia
81 Inglês aulas
Escolha do professor
Charlotte is the greatest teacher I ever had. Every lesson I feel how I'm improving, she always gives me time to think, doesn't force me, doesn't stress me out and brings something useful and new for our lessons. I love that every lesson is structured and well planned. Thank you, Charlotte, I really grateful for all your work.
1 de jul de 2019
Aluno Kseniya
58 Inglês aulas
Escolha do professor
Charlotte is the best teacher that I have ever met! Excellent structure of the lessons and individual approach make her lessons super effective. I’m really happy that I found this amazing teacher, feel myself now much more comfortable 💪🏻
19 de jun de 2019
Aluno Daisy
17 Inglês aulas
Charlotte is so nice and kind!!She is always patient and encourages me a lot with her warm smile.I love her 🌷😊😊
15 de mai de 2024
Aluno Susan
1 Inglês aula
18 de abr de 2024
Aluno הלנה גולצמן
הלנה גולצמן
5 Inglês aulas
Very good and professional teacher
5 de fev de 2024
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